EAI is a boutique software development firm built on trusted relationships with our clients.  EAI has created lasting partnerships with our customers by developing innovative product offerings on a fixed price basis that accelerate time-to-market.

Our Story

In January of 2001, Velan Thillairajah and his colleague – the only two members of a fledgling professional services firm – sat across the table from their first prospective client. They had taken great care to understand the client’s industry and business, and had developed a plan of action custom-tailored to the client’s needs: Modernize their core infrastructure using off-the-shelf solutions while simultaneously creating a migration path toward the future.

They had a plan. They had a presentation. They had all of the technology and skills necessary to succeed, and they were awarded the contract.

But they did not yet have name.

Only when it came time to sign the contract, and Velan was faced with a blank space in which to write the company name, did inspiration strike. Velan scribbled down “EAI Technologies.” His company was born.

Who We Are Today

When many people hear “EAI,” they think of Enterprise Application Integration, but that was not what Velan had in mind when he first penned our name. He was not satisfied with a conventional approach to developing enterprise applications. He wanted to innovate. To us, EAI stands for:

Enterprise Application Innovation

We take an innovative, two-tiered approach to working with our clients and partners. We take the time to know our clients before applying technology to practically address their needs. That allows us to customize every single project we work on to the unique needs of that specific client.

We excel in creating a trusted partnerships that allow us to work iteratively with clients to address sudden or unexpected changes to their requirements without additional cost or delays.

Since landing our first client, EAI has helped countless companies find innovative solutions to their technology needs, and continue to find new and exciting ways in which we can innovate in the tech landscape.

Rave Reviews

“AOL had hired EAI Technologies in the past to develop both prototypes and full, shipping products and the results were impressive. I engaged EAI to help with an infrastructure analysis and strategy project, and their results were effective, practical, comprehensive, and above all, actionable. If you need applications built — back-office, consumer-facing, or online web applications — quickly, reliably, and pleasantly, I would strongly recommend EAI.”

– Director, Product Mgmt, Aol


“EAI was able to handle all the business and technical challenges that were put in front of them without a lot of notice or direction – without their expertise and integrity – our business would have come to a halt.”

– CEO, Management Concepts


“I have hired the team at EAI directly and worked with them on other departments projects numerous times and the results have always been similarly successful. I have always been thoroughly impressed with EAI’s high degree of professionalism and strong attention to detail. I highly recommend EAI for high tech consulting needs. ”

– Verisign Inc.

Community Outreach

Our business is about more than just serving clients. EAI and its employees take an active role in their respective communities. We sponsor several outreach programs, and our employees are involved in numerous community and family projects. These include (but are not limited to):


EAI is also committed to matching its employee contributions to special disaster relief efforts, including Haiti and Japan.

People & Culture

EAI operates with a family-oriented mindset that positively affects how we work both with our partners and internal teams.

We are also extremely diverse; we employ top talents from more than seven different nationalities!

Want EAI to Help You?