EAI has worked in for leading companies in numerous different industries to further their technological capabilities. We have extensive experience in Supply Chain management, Internet Infrastructure, Mobile & Social Media, and Social Commerce. Our expertise is not limited to any one niche or industry, as it is defined not by our knowledge and experience, but by our methods.

EAI applied the Peppers & Rogers One-to-One approach to understanding our customer’s industry, business, and project needs. We achieve a thorough understanding of both our client and their industry and technologies, then deliver customized solutions and services custom-built to meet their unique needs.

We have experts across the full spectrum of software development, and are intimately familiar with Java, .Net, XML, database, and Web Services technologies, while also skilled at quickly learning and implementing new technologies. Our approach utilizes such new and emerging technologies, but always with a focus on finding the right technologies: those that can best accomplish our clients’ business objectives.