“EAI were instrumental in helping build out the early first version of our product. Not only were they a strong development resource but they also delivered keen product input/insights. I highly recommend EAI.”

– SVP Marketing & Business Development of Online Identity Service

EAI makes product launches happen through both its development teams and its business resources. We work with multiple early-stage startups as well as innovation groups within our Fortune 500 clients’ organizations to get off the ground, position a new product or service, or prepare for the next major release. Some of the many ways in which we help produce include:

  • Core project, idea & development incubation with high levels of resource and even capital investment
  • Iterative Concept Ideation to identify ideal product / market approach
  • Rapid development of Working Prototypes to assist in concept validation & internal or external venture capital acquisition
  • Accelerated time-to-market through parallel prototype / production efforts

Always Innovating

As an organizational culture, EAI Technologies continues to search for innovative products/trends. Part of that process involves investing our own time and resources into new development and staying in touch with the market.

One of the key ways we do this involves experimenting with the latest open source technologies or API releases from companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Apple or Uber ; and application development technologies such as in the Java and Microsoft worlds, and hosting services such as AWS, Azure and more.

We leverage these new skills in a variety of ways: through direct Ventures, home-grown platforms which we leverage for our clients, and sample products or web services through which we are able to stay hands on with new ways to help our customers.

Direct / Angel Involvement

We have angel investments in several companies based on EAI’s relationships with seasoned entrepreneurs. Some examples are:

  • EdgeTech Labs – Full stack hardware design & development delivered.  First of many commercial offerings:
  • Zoobean – Customized reading programs for libraries and personalized recommendations for each reader.
  • Takas – Bringing E-Commerce & becoming the Amazon of Sri Lanka.

EAI Ventures provides an ideal mix of strategy, product and development to deliver an ideal launch platform. Contact us about our Development Services.